Tie-In Clamp System

Tie-In Clamp System

The Weld Positioning Arm

The Weld Positioning DECKHAND® XL Arm!

Product Features

  • Available for the DECKHAND® XL Platform.
  • Designed to work with 20" to 42" diameter pipe.
  • Wireless or wired Remote pendant is available.

Product Benefits

  • It's much more safe than conventional methods.
  • It provides precision control.
  • It's a big time saver.  
  • It's able to move pipe as well as clamp it.

Product Specifications

  • Description: DECKHAND XL Weld Positioning Arm      
  • Model Number: 2818
  • Main Beam Size (Inches): 10 X 10
  • Capacity: 30,000 LB / 13,607 KG
  • Pipe Diameter Range (Inches): 20-42
  • Weight: 3,700 LB / 1,678 KG
  • Shipping Crate P/N: 3436  
  • Shipping Dimensions (Inches): 75L X 50W X 100H
  • Shipping Weight (Arm Set W/ Crate): 6,000 LB / 2,722 KG

Download Specifications 2818 Cut-Sheet (PDF)

Move and Clamp Pipe For Tie-In operations!

With the Weld Positioning Arms from CRC-Evans, Tie In operations can be performed quickly and accurately.