Flexible Pipe Handling

The Challenge
What did FlexSteel need to get a grip on?

  • FlexSteel needed a custom solution to straighten and position their 6 and 8 inch flexible pipe for coupling with minimal material waste.
  • The solution needed to align with FlexSteel's mission to "be installed easily and quickly in all types of terrain and weather".
  • FlexSteel's flexible pipe is new to the industry and traditional handling methods were ineffective.
  • FlexSteel pipe is commonly laid along miles of rough terrain.
  • LaValley Industries solution needed to ensure that the pipe maintained its integrity and its coating remained undamaged.

Our Solution
How did LaValley Industries solve FlexSteel's challenge?

  • LaValley Industries engineers went on-site with the customer to observe first hand their challenge.
  • In response to the challenge, LaValley Industries designed and engineered a specialty arm for use with the DECKHAND® to effectively handle both 6 and 8 inch FlexSteel pipe.
  • Once the initial design was engineered, the final design was presented to the customer for approval and a prototype was created.
  • Positive results from the prototype field tests concluded that the design was a success.
  • Production models were delivered to FlexSteel on time and on budget.

FlexSteel is now using the DECKHAND® with flexible pipe tips to string miles of pipe safely and efficiently. Another challenge solved by LaValley Industries and its' industry leading DECKHAND® material handling attachment.

The Future
FlexSteel now has a grip on the future with the DECKHAND®

  • The DECKHAND® material handling arm can now be easily adapted to handle other diameters and types of material.
  • Customized wear pads on the tips can easily replaced and may be coated with custom materials to cater to the material being handled.

Download Specifications 3323 Cut Sheet 3323 Cut Sheet (230 KB)

  • Description: DECKHAND IMHA with Flexible Pipe Handling Tips
  • Model Number(s): IMHA
  • Main Beam Size (Inches): 6 X 6
  • Pipe Diameter(s) (Inches): 6, 8
  • Capacity: 11,000 LB/ 4,990 KG
  • Weight (Without Tips): 550 LB/ 250 KG
  • Weight with 6" Tips: 803 LB / 365 KG
  • Weight with 8" Tips: 789 LB / 358 KG
  • Shipping Crate P/N: 2577

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Stringing 8-Inch FlexSteel pipe with the DECKHAND Utility Arm during
Flexible Pipe Tip development.

Pipe in Pipe