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Revolutionizing Exit Side for the HDD Industry

Product Features

  • Patented TongVise™ easily makes and breaks joints up to 120,000 foot pounds of torque.
  • Works with pipe joints ranging from 6.5" to 10".
  • In-cab monitor displays specified torque value.
  • Patented rotation arms allow you to thread and unthread all drill pipe connections.
  • Gull wing design allows you to easily move arms out of way to make and break reamers.
  • Versatile design allows TONGHAND® to work as a pipe handler for precise placement of drill rod on rigs, racks, or trucks.

Product Benefits

  • Safely and efficiently make, break, and move pipe.
  • No need for back breaking wrenches or placing personnel in danger zones.
  • Single operator can perform all functions from the safety and comfort of the excavator cab.
  • TONGHAND® control system and in cab monitor allows you to torque pipe joints to a specified torque value.

Product Specifications

  • Description: TONGHAND exit side wrench
  • Model Number: TH1
  • Capacity: 16,000 LBS / 7,258 KG
  • Weight: 7,800 LBS / KG
  • Shipping Dimensions (Inches): 64L X 64W X 51H
  • Shipping Weight: 8,200 LBS /  KG
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  Breaking Pipe Just Got A Whole Lot Easier! 

LaValley Industries is proud to introduce the newest member of our family - TONGHAND®!

The TONGHAND's patented vice allows you to make or break pipe up to 120,000 foot pounds of torque.

The TONGHAND's versatility allows you to easily work with reamers, subs, and rotate pipe strings.

The TONGHAND's flexibility allows you to easily move and handle pipe joints around the job site.

Attach the TONGHAND® to any brand of 30 ton excavator and you'll be making and breaking pipe in no time!