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TONGHAND Presented at the 2017 Novel Construction Plenary Session

Admin LaValley
Tuesday, November 07, 2017


LaValley Industries was recently invited to Geneva, Switzerland by the International Pipeline & Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA) as part of the Novel Construction Initiative to present on the TONGHAND Exit Side Wrench; which is revolutionizing exit side HDD Operations. IPLOCA is an international organization that provides the opportunity for its more than 260 members to share ideas and shines a light on new developments to promote health and safety within the pipeline construction industry. Jason LaValley, CEO and Jorge Prince, CFO presented on behalf of LaValley Industries. Follow the link below to view their presentation:



2017 New Technologies Award Presented to LaValley Industries at the IPLOCA Annual Convention

Admin LaValley
Monday, November 06, 2017


During the International Pipeline & Offshore Contractors’ (IPLOCA) Annual Convention this October in Mexico City; LaValley Industries and CRC-Evans Pipeline International were presented the 2017 IPLOCA New Technologies Award sponsored by British Petroleum(BP). This award was presented in recognition of LaValley Industries’ newest product, “TONGHAND®. TheTONGHAND® is an excavator attachment that allows a single operator to perform all exit side HDD operations with precision from the safety of the cab.

IPLOCA states that the New Technologies Award is “given in recognition of a significant achievement in the development of new pipeline technologies. The Adjudication Committee selected this entry because the tool is innovative and improves health and safety.”

You can learn more about the award and presentation at:

Pictured are Jason LaValley of LaValley Industries and Brian Laing of CRC-Evans Pipeline International accepting on behalf of their respective companies.

LaValley Industries would like to thank IPLOCA and BP for this honor; and we look forward to the future as we strive to bring innovation and enhanced safety to pipeline construction.