Directional Drilling just got faster and a whole lot safer with DECKHAND® HDD Arms.

Strength, precision and control, the DECKHAND® with Pipe Arms outperforms all other pipe handling methods.

Strong, safe and versatile, the DECKHAND® with Utility Arms allows you to position pipe, lower into the trench or place utility poles with safety, speed, and accuracy.

LaValley Industries is proud to introduce the newest member of our family - TONGHAND®.  Breaking and making drill pipe on the exit side will never be the same again! 

LaValley Industries' Weld Positioning Arms allow Tie-In operations to be performed with unmatched safety, speed and precision.

Want to lift something unique? Let us help you get a grip with a custom solution, designed and built by our team of engineers.

At LaValley Industries, we offer the safest, most effective pipe handling products available anywhere in the world!

The DECKHAND's positive grip and precise control guarantees that you will move pipe faster and more safely than ever before. No More Straps, No More Chains, and No More Dropped Pipe!

And that's just the beginning. Whether you are stringing, stockpiling, welding, loading drill rigs, or staging; we have you covered. Welcome to the future. Explore our site and learn first hand how our tools in your hands; Gets Jobs Done!

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Jason LaValley - Inventor of the DECKHAND® and Founder of LaValley Industries

As founder and president of LaValley Industries, I am often asked, "How did you come up with the idea for the DECKHAND®?" It is a story that I love to share as it speaks not just to the invention of the DECKHAND® but to the overall spirit of our company. Read More...